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Traditionally it has been believed that the Theatre Collection of the Casanatense Library consisted of 1.300 volumes of miscellanies and 600 pamphlets.
Until in depth research it had not been possible to find other theatre texts, to bring together the 4.351 pieces, comprised of different genres: prose works (comedies, tragedies, sacred drama, etc,) and works of music (librettos for melodrama, cantatas, festivals, serenades, oratories, etc,). The research has been limited to Italian works from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

To this material has been added a number of not yet undetermined number of texts in prose and music in other languages (mostly Latin, French, Spanish) of the same centuries until the nineteenth century; as well as a numerous theatrical manuscripts, among which of particularly importance are two collections of seventeenth century plots of the Commedia dell'Arte.

The characteristic of the Theatre Collection of the Casanatense Library is in fact the prevalence of seventeenth century texts in comparison to other centuries, as well as printed and performed works, which refer to Rome as opposed to other cities, and naturally this does not exclude an excellent collection of printed material representing other places.

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