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img periodiciLibrarian: Rita Fioravanti

The periodical collection of the Casanatense Library includes about 1.850 titles (of which 240 are current and 359 to the end of the seventeenth century).

It includes all Italian learned journals such as Giornale de' letterari by Nazari and Ciampini of 1668, Giornale de' letterati d'Italia by Apostolo Zeno of 1710. From the same period the Library's collection includes announcements and gazettes or chronicle journals such as Diario ordinario d'Ungheria (known as Chracas), issued two or three times a week.

The library owns a complete collection of periodicals that have an extraordinary importance for the study of the history of Rome from 1716 to 1848.

The "antique" side of the Collection is a testimonial to the cosmopolitan role played by the Library at the end of the eighteenth century due to its relation with the major European centres of cultural production such as Paris, Leipzig and the Hague.
The French periodical, from the Journal ders Sçavans to the Bibliotheques of Le Clere, the Histoires and the Memoires of the Academie, the Lettres edifiantes of the Jesuit missionaries in China from 1699, the periodicals of the Revolution; and also the Acta eruditorum printed in Leipzig, the Bibliotheque italique of Geneva, the Atti dell'Accademia of Petersburg and of the Royal Society, some English periodicals such as the Spectator of Addison and Steele, gives to the Casanatense a universal and versatile aspect. For this reasons it is one of the most important Italian Libraries, especially for seventeenth century studies.

In recent years the selection policy for periodical acquisitions has been based on two principal ideas: on the one hand documenting the historical interests of the Library (theology, thomism, Church history, philosophy, history of Rome and the middle ages); on the other hand informing people about contemporary philosophical and theological thought.