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Licence of rights

icona elencoThe Casanatense Library is the owner of the images, and all ownership, title, interest and licensing rights in the Images shall belong to the Casanatense Library.

icona elencoIt is possible to publish images on books, papers, Cd-Rom, website, invitations etc. after getting the authorization from the Director of the Casanatense Library.

icona elencoThe authorization can be requested both by filling the form online and by email (sabina.fiorenzi @

icona elencoNo further copying, redistribution, sharing or resale of the image is permitted without the express prior consent of the Library, or unless permitted under previous agreement for special publishing conditions.

icona elencoAny rights or permissions granted to use the Images shall be non-exclusive and Reproduction for a geographical distribution limited to the territory in which rights to use the Images are granted.


icona elencoEach reproduction of an Image must retain all notices and attribution information relating to the images.  You will include a credit adjacent to each image in the format "Courtesy Biblioteca Casanatense MIBAC Rome", in addition to the original items shelf mark or identification number.

icona elencoYou must provide The Casanatense Library with 1 (one) complimentary copy of the publication in which the reproduction appears.

icona elencoImages shall not be loaned, rented, delivered, supplied, sold, sub-licensed or otherwise disposed of and no use whatsoever shall be made of them by you without prior written consent of the Casanatense Library.


Rights of reproduction must be paid out for books aimed at publishing, with following features:

icona elencocost: € 77,00 or more

icona elencoprint run: 2000 copies or more

Both conditions must subsiste. All other printed books are free of rights payment.

Rate Table

Books published in one edition, in one language:

icona elenco€ 10,00 × each reproduction (B/W)

icona elenco€ 52,00 × each reproduction (Colour)

For the worldwide rights the price will tripled:

icona elenco€ 30,00 × each reproduction (B/W)

icona elenco€ 155,00 × each reproduction (Colour)

The Library will reduce the rights fee when used reproductions are more than 10.


How to pay rights in euro from UE Countries:

with wire transfer to

- beneficiary: Tesoreria dello Stato


- IBAN: IT32E0100003245348029258403

- Reason for payment:  Casanatense MIBACT Capo XXIX, Cap. 2584 art. 3 Ripr.


How to pay rights in USA dollar from extra UE Countries:


beneficiary:: BANCA D'ITALIA

beneficiary Bank: CITYBANK N.A. – NEW YORK

swift code (BIC code): CITIUS33

routing number: 021000089

account number: 10955134

reason fot payment : Casanatense MIBACT - Capo XXIX, Cap. 2584 art. 3 - Ripr.

icona vaiIf you are any doubt about the payment, please conctact us before.

Contact: Sabina Fiorenzi